Wheelie Bin Cleaning System

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There are over 20 million domestic/commercial bins in the UK, for collecting normal waste, compost, recycling plus the little bins for food waste.Wheelie Bin Cleaner Limited Time Offer

If these bins are not cleaned regularly, they attract a whole host of bacteria including Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli on top of the really bad odours given off.

Our brand new Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine is easy to operate, has a three stage filtration system and bespoke built-in features, including: a Honda GX200 petrol engine.

Most bin cleaning companies charge between £2.50 and £4.00 per bin, with the majority of households having more than one bin, for example general waste, recycling and compost usually 240 litre in size.

The chart below is based on £3.50 per bin, and most bins are cleaned on a fortnightly basis.

Bins Washed 75 Per Day 100 Per Day 150 Per Day
Earning Potential (per year) £67,000 £90,000 £135,000


National Association of Wheeled Bin Cleaners Spinaclean are proud members of the National Association of Wheeled Bin Cleaners (NAWBW) which exists to make the industry professional

With every Spinaclean Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine to get you started as a professional we will pay your subscription fee to join the association Click Here Reasons To Become a Member of the NAWBC

Click Here for reasons to become a member of the NAWBC


Easy to operate

The Spinaclean Wheelie Bin Washer is very easy to operate. Simply hook the bins on the back press the button. They are then lifted into the optimum position for cleaning by the hydraulic lifting system. Turn the key on the pressure washer, lift the lance from the holster aim and clean.

  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning System in Action
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning System

"The Waste Water is Captured and Recycled by the Spinaclean Wheelie Bin Washer"

The Spinaclean Wheelie Bin Washer has a 400 litre water tank. During the course of the day the water is captured and recycled to be re-used again and again. Being 400 litres this keeps the water cleaner for longer against alternative bin washers in the market place.

The waste water runs out of the wheelie bins and is collected in the top tray which runs through a mesh filter into a trough underneath fitted with a finer filter before being returned to the tank.

3 Stage Filtration System

  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning System in ActionTop tray first filtration point
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemThe second stage filtration sits underneath the top tray and is removable for easy cleaning
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemThe water then runs through a third filter on it’s way to the pressure washer

Built in Features

As well as the three stage filtration system The Spinaclean Wheelie Bin washer has these further built in features

  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning System in ActionPowered by Honda GX200 petrol engine working at 200bar, 2400psi and shift-ing 11 litres of water per minute. With KEY start
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning System10 Metres of high pressure hose housed on a auto rewind hose reel
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemBattery with power level indicator and external charging points if required
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemSpace on the front and side for your name and contact details
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemOptional direct feed from an outside tap
  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning SystemWith roadside flashing warning beacon

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CHASSIS: Constructed from 100 x 50 R.S.C fully welded & galvanized

AXLE/SUSPENSION: Single Knott-Avonride torsion beam axle, fitted with 200 x 50 Auto Reverse brakes on 4 stud 5 ½” pcd hubs

WHEELS AND TYRES: 2 No 175 x 13 x 8 ply radial tyres.

COUPLING: Knott 2000kg posibrake over run auto reverse c/w spring assisted handbrake lever, breakaway cable & 40mm ring eye or 50mm ball.

ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Moulded mudguards, mud flaps, telescopic front jockey wheel, side reflectors, front markers, Detachable Amber flashing beacon, number plate holder and full road lighting c/w 13 pin plug.

TANK: Constructed from 2.5mm Nirosta CR22. Finished in Primer and two coats of single pack poly. Tank fitted with internal removable ‘V’ filter system. Front outlet fitted with removable filter housing. Drain valve fitted to rear underneath of tank. Hose pipe auto shut off fill valve fitted to tank. Tank Max capacity 400 Litres. 200mm Inspection lid fitted.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Two Rear rams fitted with up/down stroke limit switch system to a 200bar 1.6kw 12v hydraulic pump powered by a 95-amp hour leisure battery fitted in a battery box complete with power level indicator and external charging points. System backed up by a trickle charge system fitted to a grey 7 pin auxiliary plug.

PRESSURE WASHER: 2400psi 11Lpm direct drive Interpump fitted to electric start petrol GX200 Honda engine c/w auto rewind hose reel with 10m high pressure hose and extended lance. External water supply connection fitted to unit.

OPITION: Laser cut company logo on side of unit


Width:1550mm Laden Weight: 1020kg

Length:2960mm Unladen Weight: 620kg

Height: 1300mm Max Laden Weight: 1500kg

With Detachable Beacon: 2120mm Level Tow Height: 460mm

12month warranty back to base.

Vehicle requirements

The vehicle must be able to cope with the laden weight. Each vehicle is different please refer to the vehicle hand book. Vehicle requires a tow bar and a trailer lighting connection and Auxiliary socket to power trickle charge battery charger.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning System

Wheelie Bin Cleaner Limited Time Offer

Wheelie Bin Cleaning System

“With every Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine Purchased we will offer you a FREE 18″ Flat Surface Cleaner and Marketing Package (worth £600) for cleaning paving giving you an additional income stream from your Bin Washer”

Spinaclean will add “YOUR NAME AND NUMBER” to your Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine for you with our complements

Price: £9,995.00 (£11,994.00 inc-vat)

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