All-Over External Cleaning Business Opportunity

A life changing, golden opportunity that allows you to jump off the treadmill forever!

Potential Earnings of £300-£400 PER DAY

  • Are you looking to start your own business?
  • Would you like to develop an additional service to offer your customers?
  • Would you like to add an instant profitable revenue stream to your business?
  • Each one of the business opportunities can dovetail into one another, giving you the ability to further grow you business when you’re ready.

Watch our Business Opportunities Videos that give you an overview of what we offer which features a typical working day.

Spinaclean have carefully selected a range of Business Opportunities based on relatively low start-up cost against earnings potential and ease of operation.

How we got started and how we can help you start a profitable external cleaning business

Spinaclean Business Opportunities Factsheet Download our Business Opportunities Factsheet (1.5mb)

  • Paving Cleaning, Tarmac Restoration and Sealing Business

    Paving Cleaning, Tarmac Restoration and Sealing Business

  • Gutter Cleaning Business

    Gutter Cleaning Business

  • Gum Removal Business

    Gum Removal Business

  • Wheelie Bin Cleaning

    Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Our commitment to you!

  • We want you to make the most of your investment
  • You can count on our back up and support - we are here to help
  • We will keep you informed of any new products, services, or initiatives that become available
Business Opportunities Training Day

◊ A5 Quality Professional Leaflets

We offer a range of quality A5 leaflets that you can use to promote your business. Please click on the leaflet below to see ordering details.

Step 1. Choose the quantity of leaflets you require.

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A5 Quality Gutter and Driveway Cleaning Leaflets

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A5 Quality Estimate Leaflets

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A5 Quality SkyVac Leaflets


Step 2. Enter your company and contact details in the box below

Before adding the leaflet order to your cart, please enter your company name, contact details and website if you have one in the box below as it will appear on the front of the leaflet. (see example above).

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Promotional Image Collection - Over 400 images available for Instant Download

Promotional Image Collection

Click the image above to enlarge

Promotional Image Collection

Instant download of over 400 high resolution images

  • Patio & Paving Cleaning and Sealing
  • External Gutter Cleaning
  • Internal Hi-Reach Vacuuming
  • UPVC & Window cleaning projects


  • Over 400 mixed images
  • Quote and method statement
  • Logos
  • Training and marketing tips
  • Promo, trouble-shooting and training videos

Also Including the all important before and after shots, an essential tool to assist you with your marketing campaigns.

£149.00 (£178.80 inc-vat)

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Gutters Cleaned using SkyVac - Vehicle Stickers

Gutters Cleaned using SkyVac - Vehicle Stickers

Click the image above to enlarge

Gutters Cleaned using SkyVac - Vehicle Stickers

Self-adhesive and ready to use

  • Size: 500mm x 300mm
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy removal

A great marketing add-on and addition to your existing signage

£21.00 (£25.20 inc-vat)

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Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator

Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator

Click the image above to enlarge

Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator

We have produced this Area & Cost Calculator as a MS Office 2000 XL workbook and have checked that it will import and run OK in the Open Office equivalent spread sheet and that it is also OK in Windows 98 right up to later MS office versions.

The following notes summarise the capability of the area/cost calculator.

  • The Area and cost calculator is an XL Workbook made up from a number of separate linked worksheets.
  • The ” area calculator ” worksheet is the only one where you can enter values, as all the others are saved as protected pages that cannot be changed.
  • When you open the work book it will open at the page where you can enter measurements to calculate an area.
  • When an area is calculated and shown on the area calculator sheet, this value is automatically used by the other protected sheets to calculate cost values for all the other processes such as sealing.
  • To see the values for these other options you need to select the worksheet “Overall Cost calculator” by selecting the tab for this work sheet.

Essentially you can then read off all the costs and prices that you should typically charge for the various treatments in your quotations. A possibility is included in the “Area Calculator” to use a discount or an uplift, depending on what the market in your area will bear.

£97.00 (£116.40 inc-vat)

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